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The Cavern

So, being as this is the dirty beginning of my blog (as well as my writing career) it feels a little like I'm sitting at the mouth of a cave, shouting into the dark, vast, hollowness. The only words that I hear are those in return, a caucophony of echoes in familiar timbres.

And I'm alright with that. For a long time I've been living a socially hermetic existence. My only real connections to any but my family are through social frameworks: school, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm living in these artificial networks, trying to cull from them a human experience in quips and asides. It works, kinda.

I applied to grad school seeking the same sort of thing, a community to belong to, of the like-minded and driven. And then I got shut down by all ten schools. So now what?

Now I turn around. Rather than face the cave, I face the world. Instead of being greeted by my own voice, I am empowered by it, its self-same echoes only adding strength to the message. If I'm real lucky, other voices will build in the cavern behind me, tuning and toning the message, the voice. If not, I know I'm capable of solo performances. This time, however, it will be a sole voice to a sole end, made outward, into the open air.

So, yeah, that's how I feel.

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