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Radio Silence

So it's been nearly two weeks without content. I am a terrible host.

Why the silence? Well, partly due to my sinking neck deep in coding to get the main page up and running. I managed to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all while trying to make the thing just work. I think I succeeded.

Another part would be my pronounced procrastination and apathy. I'm not into the rhythm of updating and any excuse not to is enough to allow myself to slip. I'm working on it. I hope I'm getting better.

However! In the next week I should have a new essay up, a review of a ridiculous foodstuff, and other interesting tidbits to share. Heck, maybe I'll even pull in a reader or two.

I can't promise daily content. I know myself too well for that. But there will be content, and I hope you enjoy it with me.