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You’re doing it, Peter!

Hahahahaha, I finally remembered/relearned some rudimentary HTML and CSS. And also, in the process, learned some new tricks.

So, hopefully, this project I've been pseudo putting off for months will finally get done riiiiiiiight in time for me to go on vacation. That is, unless I get unexpectedly swamped with other rando bullshit. Which, to be honest, not all that unexpected.

Still, go me.

(And yeah, lemme beat you to the wisecracks: I should really fix my damned homepage while I'm at it. But that's a job for future Josh, who doesn't have 5 separate work-related projects and a handful more non-work-related ones in the hopper. Maybe a very far-flung future Josh. Good luck buddy!)

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The Yearly Ritual

It's January again, which means yet again, I remember that I've got this blog that I don't do a damned thing with. One goal this year is to get this whole website moved over to my own server, because I like to backwards in time rather than embracing the virtual machine, cloud-based future. I've always wanted to run my own server for some weird 90's-kid-nostalgic reason. That's what you did when the Internet was cool and new to me, and I never had the technical chops (or the consistent network) to give it a shot.

Welp, we'll see how that goes.

Seeya next year, probably.

(Side note: I'd probably post a lot more here if not for A) Twitter, which fulfills that urge to shout into the void quite well, and B) the fact that I won't write about work, whether out of concern for privacy or worry over its banality. And since I seem to spend the vast majority of my life either actively or passively working...)

(So it goes.)

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