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The Yearly Ritual

It's January again, which means yet again, I remember that I've got this blog that I don't do a damned thing with. One goal this year is to get this whole website moved over to my own server, because I like to backwards in time rather than embracing the virtual machine, cloud-based future. I've always wanted to run my own server for some weird 90's-kid-nostalgic reason. That's what you did when the Internet was cool and new to me, and I never had the technical chops (or the consistent network) to give it a shot.

Welp, we'll see how that goes.

Seeya next year, probably.

(Side note: I'd probably post a lot more here if not for A) Twitter, which fulfills that urge to shout into the void quite well, and B) the fact that I won't write about work, whether out of concern for privacy or worry over its banality. And since I seem to spend the vast majority of my life either actively or passively working...)

(So it goes.)